[RICH TEXT] Bind/Unbind CMS Issues - Can't Style Template Content

I’ve been messing around with this for a while now, reading lots of forums with similar issues and several video tutorials, but still running into issues.

What I’m trying to do: increase the size of some text as well as colors directly on my Blog Post Template page (which was created automatically when I started a new Collection) so that it will apply to all blog pages.

What I understand I should do: unbind from CMS blog content, edit styling, rebind.

What’s happening: when I disconnect from blog content, everything disappears. There’s nothing to edit. Adding elements in this state doesn’t work. It says Rich Text in the Navigator, but I can’t put anything inside of it.

I also have another page that’s a Styleguide with another Rich Text and the correct styling (although I can’t get my image to be centered… that’s another issue).

I haven’t added any additional classes. Although, both Rich Text blocks (in my Styleguide and my Blog Content Template) have the same two classes.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Read-only: Webflow - NEW Abby Blue

Hi, I think the issue might be that you are indeed styling the rich text element that is not connected to CMS, but you forget to select the nested the element that you trynna style.

To fix that.

  1. give the rich text that is connected to CMS a class name.

  2. create rich text that is not cconnected to CMS and give it the same class

  3. styling, select the element in non connected rich text for example H1, in class select style all H1 and make sure you pick the nest selector of the same class name as your rich texts
    like so

this how it looks selected

then make changes. You can see the result instantly in the CMS connected rich text as long as the CMS includes the elements. Example when styling H1 you have to have H1 heading in the CMS rich text.

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This is it, thank you so much!
The other Rich Text issue I’m running into is centering the image.

Here is the Styleguide read-only page: Webflow - NEW Abby Blue

centering is easy, just go to the CMS collection, find the image in it and double click the image and pick this

I’ve double-clicked and made this selection but nothing changed (cool to know this is an option though!)

Or do you mean that it is not possible to center the image in a Template page, only on each individual blog post and image?

I see, seems like you have to set the positions in the CMS blog collection, but testing this i noticed that its in middle by default.

I uploaded a random screenshot to one of my blogs and it is appearing left-aligned

Can you send me a screen of image styling?
I noticed you have the image set to max width 60%
changing it to 100% centered the image for me

Yes, I have it set to 60% as I don’t want the image full sized. When I changed it back to 100%, the image stretches from margin to margin which I do not want. Is there perhaps a better place to change the size so that when it’s 60%, it is centered?

I also tried setting to 60% inside of the CMS blog post editor after clicking on the image > size > custom. The image is still full-sized in the blog page.

It’s strange - when I set this and click out, and go back in to make sure it saved, it keeps going back to auto

Okay I was able to get it to work! I clicked the % and re-selected %. That did the trick, looks like it’s a bug in the system. Image is now smaller - thanks a lot for your help!

Yeah I fugured you want it that way, so i thought of a solution, set the image to 100%, and decrease the size if the image with padding on the image

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Great that fixes the problem too, gj

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