Reverse Proxy to unite TLD projects on one TLD

Hi everybody

I am running a PWA hosted on amazon cloud services. let’s say it’s
My blog, landingpages and other “content” stuff is hosted on webflow under another tld domain → . The .com and .eu domains are in general the same project but just different “applications” (PWA / Content). I’d like to optimize from SEO perspective.

THE PWA (.com) has a lot of content that is unique and dynamic. The other tld (.eu) has also some unique content. From a SEO point of view it’s not so good as it is better to have everything under one tld. So I thought to set up a reverse proxy so that requests to webflow content (.eu) will be “available” under .com and all the project contents (PWA & Blog) then will “belong togehter” and the SEO will increase.

Any thoughts on that? How to set it up if I don’t have any misconception here?

Thanks and Cheers