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Reverse order of links

I made a menu of of links. Location from left to right. When viewed from a mobile device, the location of the bottom up. How to make the order was from the top down?

Hmm that’s very interesting! Can you provide your troubleshooting link (its in your site settings)?

Are you using Float: Right?

hmm…it’s weird.
Yes, it was float: right.
Now, I did float: left and links are reversed.
Why is that? I just want to attach the menu to the right.

That’s just something with CSS. When you float right, the elements stack from right to left. It’s confusing, but that’s how float:right works. Since you are using text links (which are inline elements), you can remove the float property altogether and they will stack next to each other anyways.

Then you can make the parent container have Text Align: Right. All the text inside will align right.

Thank you!
I did a parent div and set it to the right. Now everything is normal.