Revealing an element hid under another using a show/hide trigger

Hi all,

Relatively new to Webflow and am an amateur with design so apologise if this is obvious. Having looked through the forum I couldn’t find an answer.

As seen below, I am attempting to have the red 'i ’ button, when clicked, reveal the ‘Section 4’ which in it’s initial state should be hidden beneath the ‘Hero Section’. I want ‘Section 4’ to slide out from under the Hero Element. When it does I want it to push down everything down the page to give it space. The method that I have currently implemented only causes ‘Section 4’ to overlap with other content when it is revealed.

When attempting with the alternative show hide function, it does almost what I want it to but I can’t add an ease to the movement. From what I have read on the forum this is a restriction which can’t be changed hence me trying alternative methods which don’t work.

Any help would be appreciated as am a bit stuck at this stage.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Here is my public share link:

Hi @ezral

Welcome to Webflow!

Can you amend your link - that one is just for your site when you are logged in, whereas a ‘share’ link where we can see your setup/settings is done like this:


Really sorry :hushed: Here is the correct one. I hope this one works properly.