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Reveal elements on scroll not working

Followed the tutorial given on webflow to make elements appear on scroll only i made them come from the left and right (the blocks of text that appear on the squares next to an image.

Even though you see them work as I preview the page on webflow, when i load the actual page it doesn’t work or just the first one works. As if all the animations started and finished immediately so the only one working is the first scroll into view, if i scroll fast enough.

I’m going crazy, can’t figure what is wrong or if it is a bug. tried to read some posts here but couldn’t figure it out. The elements are not set to fixed (only the navbar).

This post had the same issue but i see no answers: Reveal Elements On Scroll Bug

Hey @Maria_la_Portuguesa,

Can you share a read-only link you your project?

The page is on the bottom called 10 years in beta

I believe that because the animation trigger and the animation itself are on the same object, it behaves funny (you applied the animation only to children of the element, but the Container 28 can not be its own child)

A solution can be:
adding combo classes to the parents div Party Div 50percent such as left & right so you can distinguish between them. Then apply the trigger to it.

thanks! i’ll try it now

Ok actually it is turning out super weird and confusing -_-. Can’t i just use the container as trigger just change the settings?

It’s not weird. You must be meticulous… it is a visual way of coding what you are dealing with here… :smiley:

YASSSS AMAZING, thanks a lot for the personalised help, wow owowowoowow

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