Reusing product variants?

Hey there,
Would it be possible to reuse product variants across multiple products. EG,
I have a store which sells shoes, I have added a product variant for size (so people can select size 7, size 8, size 9…). I sell multiple different shoes which all have multiple different sizes.

I am aware of the product variant field but how could you reuse product variants across all the fields so I don’t have to go through each shoe individually and add in sizes.

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All input & advice is extremely appreciated

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this might be useful

Hey Jonathan,
thank you for the quick reply.
I have considered doing that but when the user selects on a certain shoe size, wouldn’t it be redirected to THAT shoe’s symbol. EG,
I have 3 shoes, a, b & c.
I create a symbol which is linked to a.
Thank I reuse that symbol on b.
When the user is on b, and they select something from the symbol (which is originally linked to a), wouldn’t they be redirected to “a” (because the symbol is from a)?

Thank you Jonathan,
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