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Return to origin in IX2

So the question is as follows: is there a way to replicate a super useful “move/rotate/whatever to origin” from IX1? In complex animations we sometimes are not exactly sure where and in what position our element will be at the time when we want something to happen, say, on hover. And after the new interaction we want the element to just return to whatever state it was before without manually setting all the parameters, doubling the work. In IX1 it was possible. Now - looks like not so much. Or am I wrong and there is a way?

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Hi @dram … just wanted give you a shout and see if you figured out this process?

Nah, mate, no luck so far.

Do you have a read-only link, I would like to offer some help if you want.

I am not exactly looking for help with whatever i am doing but just rather want this particular question I started the topic with answered. Thanks for offer though!

Okay no problem. Have a good week!

Apologies for the ancient bump, but this is exactly what I’m looking to do in IX2 (now the default). I’ve got a group of images that have been “fanned out” from an origin and I’d like to create an interaction to pull them back to the origin.

Kind of like fanning a deck of cards out and then bringing them back. Did this ever get implemented or was this forever lost in IX1?

You will have to manually put your images into their initial state by using move to 0 position if where you want them to go is their starting place.

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Thank you for the reply; I appreciate it. As I’d figured. :frowning: Appreciate the fast reply.