Return results for CMS filter search from all pages?

I have a paginated CMS list with filtered search, and I need the search to return results for all pages. Currently it only returns results for the page the user is on at that time, which is obviously not very user friendly. Any suggestions to return results for all pages?

Alternatively, a much better solution for me would be to exceed the limit on 100 per page. Is there a way to circumvent this limit?

Hi Learner, text descriptions are too vague for this - please share your read-only designer link and a published site link if you’re wanting some recommendations on this.

Also make sure to let us know exactly which page/section you’re trying to build this on.

I’m guessing that you might be meaning “cms-list-pagination-page” here, rather than “website page”? Yes there are techniques for overcoming the 100-item limit, but most require scripting, setup, and/or 3rd party libs. Which approach you take depeneds on your programming skills and exactly what you’re wating to accomplish. Also, how many items you need to accommodate. 250 items is a very different problem from 2,500 items or 250,000 items.