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Retroactively make something a form


I’m taking over for someone else who started to create a Webflow site. They designed it all but didn’t make an essential component a “form.” Is it too late to do so? Or can I insert the blocks into a form now and capture that information into the CMS? (Please don’t just say “Zapier,” Zapier won’t work – their API isn’t capturing the information because it isn’t being sent)

I’m not sure I am completely understanding what you’re needing, but I will take a shot:

You should be able to re-create a component as a form at anytime. If the info isn’t being captured yet, I can’t imagine it breaking anything. Once you are able to get the form setup and everything recognized, you should be able to capture the info in Zapier for further use.

If you could share more info, or (probably even better) a read-only link for your site, that should help more!

Thank you for answering Tyler! Basically, there is a form element but for each section instead of saying “form section,” it just has “general content blocks” instead. In the Div block settings, it does have the appropriate IDs attached to our CMS, but they are not populating.

I would love to share the link to my project but think my team would be unhappy with me if I did so…

By “form section” and “general content blocks,” I am assuming you’re saying that those are what the DIVs are named (by their ID).

There isn’t currently a native way in Webflow to capture content from a form and automatically insert into the CMS. That is why you need to use a passthrough, such as Zapier or Integromat, to transfer the data.

I definitely understand project confidentiality, but it does make it a bit harder to help out (as I can’t see exactly how things are structured.

Let me know if I can help anymore! :slight_smile:

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This was very helpful. I did not understand how Webflow worked – I’m a developer who is new to the tool. I appreciate your taking the time to respond!

No problem, always happy to help!

If you are interested in utilizing a third-party tool to set it up so that form entries are added into your CMS, I would be happy to jump in a Zoom call and help you set it up. I charge a small consultation fee, but I would definitely make it worth your time :slight_smile: