Restricted Access + News Feed

Hi everybody…!

I’m trying to budget a project for a client who needs the following functionalities;

  1. Complete website with CMS, lots of content - no problem there.

  2. Area with restricted access for teachers and partners where they would be able to download some resources (mostly booklets and course materials in PDF) and upload reports, pictures and videos, possibly with the ability to post them directly to a “news feed” for everybody with restricted access to see. - This is beyond my skill set and I would like to outsource this part of the project.

What’s the best way to do this?
Would you like to send me an estimate and work together with me on this project?

Thank you so much…!


I would do Wordpress + Formidable Pro for this. Also, if you want custom login/register/forgot pw pages, you can use TML.

Estimated time to implement just the [Area with restricted access + upload reports + news feed] functionality would take around 4 hours. This does not include Webflow to Wordpress theme conversion or any design work.

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