Restrict content until user submits lead gen form


Not sure if this is possible in WF, but I’m looking to find someone who can help custom code a specific scenario for our lead generation site.

We’ve created an ebook and would like to restrict the chapter content to a short teaser paragraph or excerpt until the user has filled out our lead gen form.

The site is built and we only need the custom code work. Code ninjas only please!

Please PM for any questions and your rate.

Link to chapter page:

Mock image of what we would like achieved:


Hi @BienenstockPlay,

Kindly contact me on Skype ID: cis.ron or mail me at

Ron A.

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I am an experienced developer and would be able to help you out on this…
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,

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Hi Ron, email has been sent

Hi Andrew, email has been sent


I’ve sent you a PM

Hey @BienenstockPlay
sent you a working solution on PM

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With @gilson’s help, I’ve come up with a solution. It involves creating another collection for chapter previews that dynamically redirect users to the matching full chapter once they submit their information.

Happy to share it once completed. Please like this comment to be notified :slight_smile:


Hi! @BienenstockPlay did you share it? It would be really useful in my case too…I would like to check if it works.


Hi - I’m looking for a solution to this too; could you kindly share?

Hey @SarahK, what I did wasn’t the most robust solution, but it works.

Let me give you an example:

  • Create two collections
    • Chapters
    • Full chapters
      • Give it a reference field to Chapters
  • In the Chapters Template, add a form
    • Change to the form success state and add a Link
    • Point the link to the dynamic collection Chapter

That’s it. When someone sees you chapter page, he/she will see a form, and after sending the form, will get a link to the Full Chapter right on the page.

The cons:

  1. Since it’s not a proper authentication system, the user will have to post a form submit every visit.
  2. If anyone knows the URL can just paste/type it in the browser address bar and it hasn’t any password or login protection.

Here’s a working demo:

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