Restoring original slider dots?

Hey all,

So when I originally started the project, the original idea was to have the slider nav dots become small rectangles.
Anyhow… that changed. So I simply deleted the HTML embed there. But I noticed that… it seems to have embedded that code in permanently. As you can see from the image:

Is there any simple way to return it back to the original dots? Or could someone help me with the coding required for this?

Note: I am not a web developer, so the original code was thrown in from suggestions from other webflow posts originally. Therefore… I don’t know what I did originally either.

Any help would be highly appreciated!!

Read-only link:

Hey @Makiwitch, please share read-only link for the other members to check out. Thanks!

Sorry, forgot to add it in earlier.

Oh!! I found the answer :stuck_out_tongue:

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