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Restaurant site order processing 2020: how would it work from the restaurant's perspective?

Hi all:

I’m trying to find info on how restaurant ordering process would work from the perspective of the restaurant owners.

Say I used this Flowbase template for restaurant ordering:

Can someone point me to a resource or explain what the process would look like from the perspective of restaurant staff for fulfilling orders?

Apps like Seamless, Grubhub, etc do a good job at making this fulfillment process simple, and they take a heavy fee for that.

It’s prudent for a restaurant to have their own ordering system for loyal customers, but what would that look like?

Most posts on this forum I’ve seen (I’m new here) are old, and I know Webflow as made much progress in ecom recently, so wondering if there is a streamline way to carry out orders from a Webflow site.

Put another way: If you were selling a restaurant website with ordering to a client, how would you simply explain how it would work?

Thanks in advance!! :slight_smile: