Restaurant Ordering with Multiple Restaurant Locations

So, I have a restaurant customer that has 5 locations… How would one go about setting up a ordering online site that distinguishes one restaurant from another. His would be curbside pickup type ordering… Just wondering if anyone has successfully done this with WebFlow Ecommerce function.
P.S. All the menu items are currently in a collection and prices and are seprated in separate weflow collections per restaurant. Not to complicate the issue any more but each Restaurant online payment needs to be sent to a different bank accound. Im just not who can do that. ?
Thanks in Advance


With that requirement you would need a a site per location with Webflow.

Hi @Michael_J_Van_Dyke.
Josh from Foxy here. What you’re after is possible with Foxy + Webflow, by using our Payment Sets functionality. This will allow you to specify a different gateway account for each restaurant, all in the same Webflow site.

Please let us know if we can help with anything:


Thanks, I tried Foxy and could not figure it out. I am using ECWID now for a shopping cart… I just wonder if Web Flow could some how catch up with the Shopping cart software they have built in and offer these services as a feature… If I decide to do a order online I might as well dump webflow as the main site and just use a Restaurant Ordering online site… So thats the issue.

Yea, That aint happening… Other Sites can do it… My days with Webflow are coming to quick end.
Im planning on moving to these guys… Im there now with the shopping cart. Just not sure If I need to keep webflow and ECWID together or just use ECWID for the Full Blow Site…

Hi Michael,

This is something that advanced solutions for restaurants can manage.
I advise you to take at

It’s a cloud platform for restaurants and dark kitchens that is tailored for multi-locations and chains.
They support online order ordering for takeaway, delivery and eatin, dozens of payment providers and are connected to different restaurant POS systems like Lightspeed.