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Responsiveness on an android tablet

My Website is not properly responsive on my Asus tablet when I rotate it from portrait mode to landscape, it does not properly adjust (Reference screenshots). It is running on Chrome so it should work fine. On an iPad on Safari it looks fine and is responsive when I turn it from portrait to landscape, so no problem there.



Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Does this happen only on this website or in every other website as well?

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Hi, @mitra!

I want to echo what @aaronocampo asked. Is this specific to just this specific site?

Also, what Asus tablet are you using? can you share model information and what software version it’s running? :smiley:

Hi, guys thanks for the reply. All other sites work fine on my tablet. Also, my webflow site works fine on an iPad also. Here are the specs requested.

Hi, @mitra!

Thanks for the additional details, as it was very helpful! :bowing_man:

I was able to reproduce your responsive issue within Browserstack and may have found a workaround.

You may view the workaround in the following short screen capture:

The section that may be causing the issue is “section2”

After removing that section, and republishing - the site was able to respond as expected :pray:

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mistercreate thank you so much for solving this problem. Looks so simple now but I could figure it out. It was getting me down. I really really appreciate you taking the time to solve this for me.

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