Responsiveness of images

hey guys, im having trouble with optimising my webflow images for tablets and mobile. on page 2, under services, my first image’s width remains (i dont know how i did it), while the next 3 images kind of responds to width changes. I prefer the first version of it remaining, but i have checked through the styles and they are the same, i am not sure how to replicate that :frowning:

do you all have any idea why this is the case? i wld appreciate any help !! it is more prominent one portrait mobile thanks for reading!

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Hi Travis

Grid is your best friend. hope it help you :slight_smile:

If You don’t understand My clip, reach out

hey shokoaviv! THANK YOU so much for your time and effort!!! your video is very clear and concise! i have solved the issue! im rly grateful <3