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Responsiveness issues

Unable to figure out responsiveness for the website. It seems to break across browsers too. Please help!

Hey Sasha,

I’ve had a quick look and can see an issue in your first section that’s likely to be causing issues elsewhere if you’ve reused them across the site. Here’s my feedback:

  1. I think it’d be a good idea to add some L/R padding to your sections. For desktop perhaps 40px and 20px anything smaller. This will frame your content consistently across all devices.

  2. Your heading 2 is set to min width 700px and it’s just too big for smaller screens. Change this to 0 and it’ll come back within the bounds of the container.

  3. I think you’d be better setting the rest of the content up in a grid. On desktop you could have the 2 column grid to it your content nicely, then use a single column on smaller devices.

Hope this helps steer you.

Thank you so much! Im trying to figure this out. Is there a way to make the projects section responsive without adding extra padding to the sides?