Responsiveness issues & Text disappearing on largest breakpoint

Hello everyone. I’m new to webflow and I am having issues with the hero section of my site across breakpoints. Bear in mind I am not done with the site but would like to get this issue out of the way.

This is the hero text

However, on the largest breakpoint, it seems to disappear and the content of the entire page makes up just half of the screen when I try to select the hero text from the navigation panel. Does anyone know why this is happening?. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Here is my read only link as well for anyone who might be able to help: Webflow - Collins Donye

Hi @therealsosa,

Welcome to the forum! It’s looking OK on my end if you change the top margin on Section 17: Screen Recording 2022-05-25...

Let me know if I’ve misunderstood your question!

Thanks :blush:

Thank you so much!!! @mww Not sure why I didn’t think of that :laughing:. Issue solved. Thanks again

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