Responsiveness - 'between' breakpoints

Hi there. I just wondered if anyone would be so kind as to share their expertise on the below.

I’m trying to make the design responsive of course. On each breakpoint, it looks ok. However, in between some of the breakpoints items get cut off and squashed up. Example 522px 100%. I’m going through the breakpoints and fine-tuning the design. But I think the problem lies with the way I’m building. Should I be staying away from sizing items with VW or VH or any others to make it more responsive? Should I use % instead? Does this even affect how it responds? As far as I can see, when I manually drag the design in or out to resize, the elements remain static until it hits the breakpoints. Is there something I’m doing wrong? I want the elements to size ‘as’ I drag in or out?

Sorry. Newbie. I’ve watched all tutorials and can’t seem to get this.

Any help would be amazing.


I’d be happy to take a peek at your project to give some feedback but it looks like your read-only link is no longer valid.

Would you mind double checking the link to make sure it’s correct and active?

Hi Mike. Sorry about that. I must have changed something on it. Let me know if this one works.

Thanks for replying.

I said Breakpoints mean change size up and down, please ignore. Good improve all devices from laptop, tablet to desktop computer. I true that is good full website size 991px and good learn how to make build responsive website. You can change re-sizes, any.