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Hey Webflow Community,

I am totally new in webflow and just created the landigpage

I have an issue with the mobile view.

In the section ‘Willkommen im Riviera’ the height of the section is on desktop Perfect but on mobile iphone 6 too long. But Everytime i decrease the height the text of the section is on the iphone 5 in the other section ‘Auswahl unserer Speisen’?

What can i do to control this?

Thank you

Here is my public share link: []
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Hi @EnzoG,

Your public share link doesn’t seems to work, can you take a look please ?

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sorry @zbrah ,

this should work:

@zbrah i think the problem is margin and padding due to my not perfect css skills :grimacing:

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Did you solved it ? Looks good on your Webflow link.
Ahah no problem, it happens :slight_smile:
I think I would have hide the style div on mobile if i were you btw :wink:

Would be easier to read if it just took the entier div width i guess.
I also think you loose the menu card idea on mobile, so this grey div is not important.
Anyway great work so far :smiley:

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@zbrah Thank you :slight_smile:

My problem is that in the editor on mobile view phone portrait the section with the gray background ends directly after the text “this is some text inside of a div block” but when i view the website with my iphone 6 there is much more space between text and the end of the section :slight_smile: i hope you understand me.

when i check the mobile view with the chrome developer tools the space gets higher with iphone 6 plus etc…

what can i do to solve this problem.

thank you for your feedback

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Ok @EnzoG

It’s because you have a fix height on section2

Just give it height auto and play with padding


thanks mate @zbrah :smile: now i solved it.

last question: how can i define that the grey div only appears on desktop not mobile? when i remove it from mobile it also removed from desktop.

thank you

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You set it to “display:none” in the mobile views, instead of deleting it.


No problem :slight_smile:
Yes just as @uzzer said



If it solved your question can you please check the solved box so the topic can be closed.

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