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Responsive video inside a div inside a column


Not sure if this a bug or I am not doing this correctly…

I am trying to play a video tutorial of my application inside an iPhone on my landing page and make it responsive.

I think I am doing it right…

  1. I started by creating a div element with a .png background of an iPhone.
  2. I applied the embed element using the following code…



Check out my example. NOTE* I am currently using a video from

I am trying to apply the div I created inside a column to make the phone and video appear on the right while adding data to the left. As of now it shows up on the right because I had to make the Div relative and positioned to the right. I do not like this approach and would like the div inside the column to make it easier to apply data in the left column. When I apply the div inside the column nothing shows up. If I try to repeat the process with the steps above for the column I run into scaling and responsive issues.

You can check out the preview link of my landing page,

I am currently working on this in the home-copy page.

Thank you