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So I don’t have any design made yet, as I’m not even sure if it is possible, could someone shed some light on the process?. The concept is simple, a simple webpage for a small band.

It will be a homepage, with little to no scrolling for desktop. Three column layout. On either outer column I want an album of photographs to endlessly scroll (automatically) one down and the other-side up.

I would also like these columns to fade away upon pressing ‘About us’ in the center column, really making use of the static page design.

The pictures example is below, just to give the page a home feel. Any ideas?

I have to say I really like your concept. :slight_smile: I’m a newbie myself, so I’ll be following this thread.

After seeing yesterday’s webinar, I’m sure it’s possible. If you did not have a chance to see it, I would highly advise it. Shows step by step how to do some great effects. 4 column layout. Here’s the site >>> I was unable to follow the live webinar as I didn’t want to miss the “live” content, but about to hit it hard right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Danny Fig

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Thank you. Tomorrow I intend on doing a nice sketch onto A4 to better visualize what i want to achieve. Hopefully then someone more capable could provide some guidance on how to bring it to life.

I had actually watched that this morning over my coffee. I think it provided me with a column inspiration. However I was not able to take any of the animation demonstrated from it for my own concept.

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Ok so I have done a ‘rough’ sketch of the layout as you can see here. The IMG sections are the scrolling I would like (direction by arrows) and you can see that ‘about us’ will unveil the text behind the img column.

I saw suggesting a slider could be used? Could someone confirm that for me and how would I transition the slider away for the text to come?

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here you can see my attempt at fitting these images into a section and mimicking what i see below. At this point I have given up trying to tamper with it myself, I am lost on how to fix it.


Ok so I have sorted the format of the album. It is now a responsive layout and coming together.

However I have some overlap / spacing issues. On web browser there is a small overlap of the centre block to each album container. As this goes into mobile this overlap becomes a white space on the right hand side.

I am not sure how to format the three sections so they cover: (25% per album and 50% centre section)

Maybe you can have Nelson go over what it is you’re trying to accomplish in the Webinar. He reviews sites. The Webinar is every Tuesday at 10am MST.

Hey, good idea, thanks :slight_smile:

I have been away for a few weeks, I am making some progress on the site however.

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