Responsive sections/containers

Hey All,

I’ve learned so much about Webflow, but I still don’t properly know this one fundamental thing: responsive design for sections/containers. Presently, I have my sections with no width value and my containers with 60% or 70% max width, depending on the page

Problem is: on small laptops and ipad landscape, the design width gets too “smushed.” For these devices, I probably want 90% max width, but obviously there is no breakpoint for that. How do get the desired responsiveness, while keeping all my containers uniform?

Thanks in advance

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Hello Danny,

We usually use Div blocks named Containers rather than actual Container Element due to more freedom it gives. For websites that are not full Width we usuallly go with Container that is 95% Width but has maximum width of 1350px for example. You can go ahead and check out the templates we made at:

Webflow Experts at Flow Ninja Support Team.

Amazing! Thank you so much, it’s a huge help!