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Responsive/Scalable Website/Blog with Dynamic Lists

After I was almost finished with the homepage of the blog I’m working on, I discovered that the website is not scalable to different kind of desktop display sizes. It’s not regarding the page being responsive to mobile devices. F.e. when I view the homepage on my MacBook Air, everything looks quite fine. But when I open it on my iMac 27" then it starts to look weird, because the elements remain small (featured area) and do not scale up in comparison to the display size.

I have already been looking for solutions in the Forum. The only thing I was able to find, was to change the measurements with vh, vw. It worked for the post list below the featured area, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work very well with the featured area itself on the top.

The support suggested to post this issue here since there is somehow an overflow in the design that could cause this, but I have no idea how to solve this.

Thanks in advance.

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To begin with your content is inside containers anyway, so increasing the screen size doesn’t do much.

Could you show screenshots of what you see, and tell us what you’d prefer to end up with instead?

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@vincent that was a good hint! I removed the containers and now everything scales evenly, but now the dynamic lists are running into each other the more the screen size is sizing up.

This is how it always should look like and currently looks like on a small screen
And this is how it looks like when it’s sized up

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