Responsive radial Menu


I am wondering if I can achieve interactions like the menu in . Not the side menu, but if you just “click anywhere” when the site loads an animation will occur that reveals a radial menu of clickable, half donut buttons:

Jan-11-2021 12-22-20

Also, is the background static achieved through a background video?

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Hi @leroy,
i dont have a solution four you ,but i can say how i would do it and how it is done by the developer of this site.

As you can see in this image, they´re using svg elements for these links.

How i would do it (try to do it partly in webflow)

1. Test id / webflow animation with lottie file.

It should work if you have the right class names. After exporting a simple animation via bodymovin, i would test the compatibility with webflow ix. To link lottie elements to sites i would use jquery / js in combination with the elements class name or id.

To sum it all up, yes you´ll need (in my opinion) svg. I don´t know how to create exactly this round type of svg animation all in webflow.