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Responsive problem with some computers

I have a problem with the layout of my website. On my computer there is no problem but with some others (like apple one), the website doesn’t appear correctly. Some Title, images are too high etc…
Someone can help me please?
Thank you in advance,


You will need to be more specific. Example; which browser and version, screenshots showing the problem, read-only link to your project, plus a published link are needed.

I’m using Google Chrome V.79.0.3945.117 (Build officiel) (64 bits),
the problem are on Safari. I can’t screenshot now on the other browser because I have nobody around me who use Safari. But I’ll try to explain correctly. On the page “L’Enfant Chameau”, the title “Nos partenaires” usually under the image find itself on the top of the page… The same for the logos.
There is the link of the website :
I can’t publish it officially for now sorry.

If you can’t share your read-only link, then it will be very hard for anyone to help you.

I would avoid negative margins. The issue you have is totally related to how you are laying out elements. I would do it differently. Webflow gives you the power to do whatever you want basically and that won’t always work across devices and browsers.