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Responsive Problem need urgent help from webflow family and also need a place in the family

Hello webflow experts!
how are you hope you guys are doing well I need urgent help for my client’s website. i am cloning a site. i am facing a responsive issue that starts from my third section. The issue is I have image on one side and text on other site which contains investors images I want to make the section responsive i tried %,px and vw but nothing helps when ever i check its responsiveness by inspect tool it looks different from the reference site which i am clonning.

it would be your kind act if you help me cross that huddle. I am sharing the original site and Webflow site link.

by the way, Thank You Webflow is a very strong tool, and hope in the future it will capture the market.

share-only link (

the original site (

Can you screenshot it? There’s many pages in your website and I don’t know where is your problem.

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Thank you @jenn for the reply.
the issue is on my home page. actually I want to make the site accurately the same as and I don’t wanna lose this client he is so co-operative.

I don’t see any problem there.

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Thank you Jenn you are so so humble. Jenn, I don’t know if I should ask you this but can you come live and help me with the client issue while I am communicating with my client on zoom.

we will set the time according to you comfort.

@M_Ali If you want to hire me for the project please DM me!

Oh yes jenn sure but let me ask client before and Can you tell how much will be your charges for only the adjustment of the home page.