Responsive problem for my website

Hello everyone, I have a big issue for the responsive in my website and I have no idea of why.
If someone could help me it would be very appreciated.

here’s the website : Webflow - Axel's real

hi @Axel1 there is many issues to give you direct answer to your request. One advice is not to use fixed values.

I can only recommend to take some CSS course to understand how things works and how to create responsive design.

Alright thank you, I will study that

hello, the problem is that even if I change all into rem it is still not working.

Any idea?

hi @Axel1 there is no difference with setting paragraph width using px or rem as you still setting a fixed value with different unit. You should use % instead. Giving width:100% to your paragraph will dynamically fit your wrapper.

You are on wrong forum as your website is not Webflow but WP. I will flagypor comment as spam. If you have Webflow website create a new request.