Responsive on iphone, not android

Hello everybody,

I have some trouble with the mobile device.

The ‘Gigs’ dropdown works fine on desktop and iphone. But is cut off on android phones. Maybe it has something to do with the CMS / collection list?

This is my first website I build for a client, so sorry if it is a bit messy.

I hope there is a easy fix for this.


Here is my public share link:

Something doesn’t seem right with your settings for the Collection Item. It doesn’t have any height set, so that may be causing some issues.

I recorded a way to clean up the structure a little, see here:

This seems to help in preview mode, though I can’t easily test if this fixes the issue on Android.

Another thing to factor in with Android is the default nav bar (as you can see at the bottom of your screenshot) can affect things like VH settings. You’re using percentages for height, so that may be causing issues too.