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Responsive Multiple Columnizer/Column CSS in webflow

Any info if this feature is coming to webflow in the roadmap?


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Don’t know about the road map but I also think it could be handy to have in the designer. You can of course add the code yourself and have this result: CSS3 multi columns

And here’s the public link: CSS3 multi columns public

I do too wait for this. It’s pretty well supported and degrades quite nicely when not supported. I use it for years on sites.

Yeah! Jorn, I have also done that, but it will be nice to have it natively in webflow. Especially making it work with the webflow media queries. (Your example doesn’t have the webflow media queries on it, so it is not looking great on tablet and phone deveices) It is feature we all need. Makes life easier.

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I figured you done that =)

I updated my example with a simple media query, thanks for that.