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Responsive Menu on About Page

I’ve looked at this for far too long and messed with WAY too many of the settings. I cannot get my responsive menu to work on the About Page - but it works fine on the Home Page. On the About page you can’t see the links when the menu is open.

Can someone please help me find what I’m missing? It’s a Symbol so I’m not sure why it’s showing differently.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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The menu in tablet and mobile views is set to fly in from the right and that works if it isn’t hidden. Change to Show and the menu comes in from right.

Thanks Jim - I know how to show it so I can work on it. But when I preview it - All the links disappear. Maybe I’m misunderstanding you.

Heres a Loom video to show you what I mean. I think I might just need to rebuild the Nav Bar. The pre-built one always gives me trouble.