Responsive Menu changes in my CSM

Hi Guys,

I don´t know why my menu changes in y CMS page. When you are in a cellphone display, the background goes transparent instead a black/transparent bg as it works on all the other pages.

I´ve been playing with Z-index, and checking all the divs and nothing seems to be affecting it. Any clues?

The page is the CMS Template called EVENTS

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I see a black screen tinted overlay on this template page. Did you figure it out?

Noup, actually I don’t even know where that overlay is. Is it in the Nav menu?

Still looks good on my end. See screengrab below. Maybe I’m not looking at the object you’re describing.
To visually access the overlay, select the menu button, go to Settings > Navbar Settings > Show

That one is the way it should be.

My problem is in the CMS Events Template.

Then the black semi transparent layer goes away on the published site, and that doesn´t happen in all the other pages.

However in the preview mode you can still see it.