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Responsive layout issues with landscape resolutions and fullpage.js

Hi webflow Community,

I just finished my first simple project in webflow, however it appears that Android 7.0 devices can’t handle what I’ve created. The website looks all weird. Maybe someone has experience with that issue and can point me into the right direction?

Do you have any screenshots of what it looks like on Android 7.0? Which browser are you using?

I was sent this screenshot – the site got viewed with a “Huawei P8”. My guess is that it’s the standard android browser. Probably it’s not worth the effort due to the age of the device. Is there a way to ensure maximum downwards compatibility for future projects?


Thanks. I’m actually seeing the same issue on Chrome on my laptop when resized to that width. It looks like you are using some rows and columns system? May I suggest you use webflows grid element instead? That should be a lot more responsive to smaller screens.

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Yes, I am using rows and columns for the slides. What resolution are you talking about? Could you please provide a screenshot aswell? Thanks in advance.

Here it is at 304px wide but it continues as I resize the panel

Okay, I wasn’t aware of this. So it is actually an issue with sizing on different resolutions. Thank you for your suggestions – I’ll fix this!