Responsive Images not being served

I’m going through some site speed issues with another site I built, and one thing I keep on seeing is to use responsive images. To which my response was, “Um… we are, dumdum. Webflow creates responsive images and I always see them in the images folder.”

So I fire up this page, and I check out the smallish image of a hyperbaric chamber halfway down the page. I check out that image specifically because I can see the variants in the image folder.

Welp. The full-res version is being served. Turns out this is always the case.

Am I missing something? Why are images being generated but not used?

Site speed scores are consistently bad on sites I build in Webflow and it’s starting to turn into a real problem as people look for more ways to eek performance in SERPs.

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Hi @Cricitem

That sounds odd for sure — can you share an example of a page and image where this is happening so we can dig into this? A screenshot here would also be helpful :bowing_man:

I thought I did share an example of a page.

Not much else I can do to describe what’s going on. It’s happening everywhere. Literally every single page I build, I can see no evidence of the responsive images being served. Every single page speed test I run cites ONLY the normal images.

Anything new on this?

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