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Responsive images - browser support


Are they any details on the browser support for the new responsive images feature?


Anyone?? Based on flexbox support for somewhat older browsers I need to know this before I convert sites.


The responsive images feature uses srcset which is supported in all modern browsers. Internet Explorer (any version) does not support srcset, nor does Opera Mini, Android Browser (not to be confused with Chrome on Android), or UC Browser for Android. Global compatibility for srcset sits at roughly 75% today (Source: Can I use…).

It’s worth noting that Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1 don’t support Microsoft Edge, so unless a user has installed a third-party browser like Chrome or Firefox on those operating systems, they’re stuck with IE. :confounded:


You are still okay! The code actually still uses img src="fallback.jpg", so you’re still fine on IE and older browsers as well! :sunglasses: It’s also worth noting that, in that example, fallback.jpg is the original image you used that hasn’t been squeezed down to other dimensions.

Take a look at this post (Section 2) for more detail about how Webflow generates the code for responsive images.


You’re fine. Nearly 100% browser support.

Edit: Clarified and added source for browser support.


Thanks for the exact info I was looking for. Much appreciated!!!

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