Responsive images behave not as expected

Hello beautiful people,

I would be very very grateful if somebody can help me find mistakes that I´m making… I´m trying to make my page responsible, for the moment only tablet mode but I find various obstacles on my way. I changed few times different settings and still can´t understand how to fix it…

  1. Why even if the image has margin, it goes out of the screen? How can I make it go smaller and smaller when needed? Some pictures behave in normal way (become smaller when need), I don´t see the difference in the settings…

  1. Why my image here is getting so small but the text doesn´t move? The text has only max weight so in theory it should change! How to fix this?

  1. This image shrinks instead od becoming smaller when I make the screen smaller…

Generally, if you have some materials about responsiveness, advices, best practoces etc, I will be more than happy to explore.

My read-only link

Sorry if the questions are stupid.
Thank you.

Hi @olivkadesign - a quick reply here but hope something helps.

With regards to point 1 - the image, in tablet view, is getting pushed over the edge because of the 20px margin to the left. To achieve what you’re after, think you need to use padding instead of margin.

Point 2 - think doing some research into flex boxes may help you here. You can add in specific widths (i.e. 50%) for each of the div blocks for this view to customise this however you like.

Point 3 - think as above, customising some elements in the flex box properties will help you here.

No stupid questions at all, everyone has gone through these challenges and great that you’ve reached out on the forum. Just a little more research into how these elements work and you’ll be on your way.

Yeeeeessss, thank you so much!!!

All your advices helped!!! I managed to fix that. The only one thing that I coundn´t fix is image shrinking in 3 point, but already found the solution also here in forum.

This forum is amazing, can´t imagine my learning curve without it now (especially my stress curve jajaja).

Thank you SO MUCH!