Responsive iframe containers for changing content (03/03 update - fit content, same domain)

Hi guys!

I have a question: is it possible in general to implement responsive iframe containers for changing content in webflow? It’s not about making iframe container responsive to viewport screen, but to the content inside when you navigate in the child page… there was this thread → Making iframe & container responsive without fixing the aspect ratio - #3 by BFast but it was a while ago…

Any hints?
the struggle is real…

Any suggestions on this?
…or this post? Scrolling iframe with parent window cross domain :thinking:

I would also love an answer to this question. I’ve built a site for client that relies on an a iFrame to display job postings from a third-party service. They would like the iframe to display all current jobs without users having to scroll within the iframe. Other solutions involving a containing div at 100vw don’t work with this design. Thanks.

it would be also nice to know if an iFrame can automatically fit the content from the same domain… there is not much of information around it on the forum, or maybe we’re missing something? :thinking: