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Responsive hero section

hey guys
great forum

i want to make this basic hero but in responsive way:

my navbar is the line on the left with the circles on it . i want to make it one unit with the buttons but dont how.
also i want to make it fold on tablt and phone view (i guess that after it will be one unit it will be simple to fold it.

hi @Lior_Parente your question is not related to Webflow it self but to basic understanding of HTML and CSS. I will recommend take some free courses for HTML and CSS you can find on YT and invest some of your time to get basic knowledge before you start building websites. After complete all courses on Webflow university to get familiar with this platform and after use you HTML and CSS knowledge to build websites with Webflow.

i thought that all the point to work with webflow it that u can do amazing things without code at all. i’ll check the basic courses on html and css and comeback to it. thanx.

hi @Lior_Parente web developer is regular job like many others that require a good knowledge to make it right. Unfortunately all no code platforms marketing teams using falsy advertisement to get people on board for free in hope to convert these users into paying costumers. This is how advertisement mainly work in any industry. Unfortunately WF marketing isn’t different in providing misleading informations.

If I will tell you that you don’t need to know how to read and write but can I give you a pen and when you use it you will be able write a bestseller you will hardly believe that is true.

Webflow … you don’t have to know any of these programming languages to jump in and start building

This statement is a misleading

no knowledge


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