Responsive Height

How should I set the height of main so that there is no space between section1 and section1 when the size is adjusted?
(*Based on 1279-992px)

(When I set it to auto, the height of the slider in main is auto, so the height of the slider is not included. As a result, the height of main becomes too small.)

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hi @ehdrmfl99 easiest way to fix your issue is not have position: absolute on your slider element.

Oh, is there a way to do what I want while using position: absolute?

The question should be why you need absolute position on slider? In your design it does nothing for you! When you reset fixed 700px height all will start working as expected.

The reason I want to use position: absolute is so that the navbar color changes depending on the slide background color.

I changed it to 700px height
@Stan Thank you !!!

This is not what i meant @ehdrmfl99 .
Anyway good luck