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Responsive height issue

Hello fellas,

I am having an issue with dynamic sibling elements height, more precisely; I have the “HomeAlbum” (green highlight) div with the images set to 60% width so its height dynamically change. Behind this I have the “HomeFrame” div (blue highlight) and its height should follow exactly the HomeAlbum’s height (plus the frame). But as you can see on the second attached picture the grey frame height moves apart from the HomeAlbum div.

I know I could make the HomeFrame a child element of HomeAlbum and the problem is solved! I have done it already, however that case I am going to have another (interaction) issue, and because of that I have the HomeAlbum overflow set to ‘hidden’. (and with this overflow settings the HomeFrame wouldn’t appear as a child element)

Is there any option to synchronize my sibling div’s heights? If cannot I will update my topic related to my interaction issue.

Thank you very much for your help and time!
Tamas Molnar

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