Responsive flexbox with columns then rows

I would like to know how I would create columns which would then collapse into rows when the responsive media queries kick in. I’ve thought about using both and then turning one off and then the other, but I haven’t managed to pull this one off. Any thoughts?

Edit: I’ve figured out how to do this with breakpoints. I just selected columns and then changed to rows with the different responsive options. I could do this easily with a new project, but not with a project I already started. Weird.


Hi! What do you mean regarding the fact that you can’t change existing columns to rows in specific breakpoints? Could you give me a preview link so I can take look? :slightly_smiling:

I’m currently trying to do a similar thing but without the use of specific breakpoints, just based on browser width and it’s proving very tricky

@StevenP I’ve already deleted the old project and replaced it with a new one and made it public as I have a free account. Thanks for the offer of looking at my project for me.

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