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Responsive Dropdowns in Nav?

I have a responsive navigation up top. I’ve added dropdown to the navigation, however when I go into responsive mode all the content in the dropdowns has to be clicked like a popup. This is less than ideal. Surely dropdowns were designed to be responsive?

The best way would be to have them just show underneath there category. How can I enable this?



I’m confused. How else would you show information in a drop down? You would have to tap the link to have the dropdown open. Hover does not exist on mobile.

I would immediately show it underneath. Not make it collapsed into a dropdown. That’s what every other responsive site on the internet does. It’s not useful on mobile to have a dropdown that triggers a select like that.

Most websites I’ve seen that have submenus are all click to show on mobile. This is very standard practice. If you need them to all be visible, I suggest duplicating the navbar and hiding one version on mobile and modify the mobile version so it does not have dropdowns, just links.