Responsive div block not moving left?

skip to ~5min mark; pink img

Add screenshot + What div (In your project) + Where ? (All breakpoints)

the pink image is clipped on the right; it’s supposed to back into the left in accords with the diminishing screen width

“Hero Image”

Set the image right to 0px (Not 25%).

Next the image width - this is empty div with background image (So you should set any size you want for this empty div) - or use regular image.

Maybe try again to follow the tutorial (First without your changes).

Last - do not nest absolute object inside absolute object (Hard to debug).

I can’t quite understand what you’re saying. But I got rid of the 28% on the right of the image and changed it to 0%. It’s now responsive but it doesn’t back into the left half of the body that far into it.