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Responsive Design

I am experiencing some issues with trying to optimism element for different browser sizes. Currently I’m having issues where two elements are colliding, when the site cascades causing unwanted behaviours but I can not edit there behavior because it occurs in-between the standard desktop view and tablet view, its at like 125% zoom.

How do you design at different zoom rates i.e. to simulate different screen size and browsers sizes ?

I have attached a few screenshots to help you understand my problem. It occurs because the div block on the right (social icons) collides with my nav bar on the left. I want to design it so that when the social icons cascade inwards toward my nav bar, just before they are going to collide I hide the social icons.

I hope this makes sense, Currently I have designed it so that as soon at its in tablet mode the social icons are dropped(hidden) but the problem is just before that point.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Can you please share your read only link with us so that I could take a closer look? Thanks! :sunglasses:

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