Responsive Design not working?

Hi! I’m completely new in using webflow and am wondering now why my website isn’t showing correctlyon mobile phones:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

@Patrick_Geiger - Welcome to the community!

To build a site that works across devices, you must understand how to create responsive layouts. Webflow gives you lots of control over elements, which can lead to layout issues if you don’t understand web design fundamentals. Fortunately, Webflow provides some excellent training resources in the University to help get you up to speed. When you are stuck on individual steps, I strongly recommend starting there and coming back here for assistance as needed.

If you already went through a basic course there then please be very specific about what element you are having an issue with. That way we know where to look to help you out.

Also make sure you follow the forum guideline of sharing a read-only project link with your post. Without it you won’t get much help.

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Thank you! I will do that. Only reason I haven’t watched all the trainings yet is - I need this page to be done :smiley: