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Responsive Design Needs "LARGE" Desktop View

Newbie & not a Designer. If I build my site on macbook pro laptop (desktop View), I can easily proceed to adjust downward in the other views from tablet on down. If I view the site on a LARGE desktop screen it does not expand appropriately. If I build the site on the LARGE desktop screen, I can edit view from tablet on down, but it appears too large on laptop. There needs to be a “5TH” sizing view or better expansion control added to Webflow, as my site does not perform as responsively as all the other websites on the web.

Also background videos do not play on phone landscape or portrait view and even with a video under 1MB, webflow has slow loading issues under desktop & tablet view.

You can fix the sizing issue by using VH, VW, EM measurements. :wink::+1:

And your background video won’t initiate autoplay because all phone carriers restrict autoplaying background videos because it uses the person’s phone plan data. Websites can’t initiate a video on mobile phones without the user consent. Hide the video on mobile and replace it with a standard video widget in which the user has to press play to start the video, or create a GIF and use that instead. Long story short: it’s not Webflow, it’s phone companies.


Vlad since Im a newbie what is VH, VW, EM measurements. If I new I probably would not have posted. Guessing Video Height, Width, but EM? I use the “Cover Command” for hero video widths as the fixed width cannot expand with unforeseen screen sizes. I do set the height as fixed for the right viewing proportion, which may be my problem?

Syndicate thanks for the Video explanation.

VH - browser height

VW - browser width

EM - size of text

Hope this helps! :wink::blush:

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