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Responsive Design help

Hey there,

I recently bought a theme from Webflow and have been trying to edit it, but I’m having trouble with my responsive design. It’s more of a battle to keep moving things, I’m worried I’ve customized things incorrectly and will just be working backwards to get my responsive design to work appropriately. Just curious if there’s any steps I could take to make things easier before starting over completely.


What is the link to the official template?

Is this a template from the Webflow marketplace? or is it a “Freebie” (Cloneable site by another user) or from a 3rd party template seller?

Here is the link to the template I purchased from Webflow

I believe a lot of your confusion is coming from three properties. Height/Width, Display, and Position properties. You can find a good write up explaining how these work here.

I’d recommend making a blank page and playing with each property to see how it reacts without any extra tags/styling done that you don’t know about.

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