Responsive content text problems


I have this weird thing in one of my responsive projects. When changing the text within my headers and paragraphs, the text doesn’t change on my mobile lay-outs.

If you change the width of your browser you see that the text content changes. So when changing the text or a textheader I need to change it on mobile lay-out aswell…

Hi @JoeriPostma, welcome to the Webflow Community!

So we can help you, could you please share your read only link so we can see your current settings, and we can then advise using screenshots.videos using your own project. Thank you! :smiley:

Great! Here is the read only link:
If you visit ‘ONZE OPLEIDINGEN’ and then ‘MACHINIST’ you’ll see that when changing the first text block that it doesn’t change the mobile text with it.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @JoeriPostma

Thanks for the read only link, and the screenshots.

So these are two different elements but with the same class names… if you open the navigation panel and select the text on the desktop, then switch to the mobile, you will see in the navigation that it’s two different blocks.

It’s not being displayed on the mobile because the great grandparent (or something like that) of that div block is set to display: none.

The style will update on both when you edit it, but the content will not.


Hope that helps!

Thanks for your help! That really solves the mysterie :slight_smile: