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Responsive and flexible Lottie animations

Hey guys.
Are Lottie animations flexible?
I have a simple animation of a stroked rectangle that changes gradient colors. And I want to use the same Lottie animation as a border for a few div blocks, of different sizes. Is it possible? I guess I should define somehow the BG layer? Those who should resize and others will stay centered?
Hope I was clear enough.

I’m asking because of this video, you can see this at 0:31

Thank you

Hello @Gabriel_Mazor,

Your Lottie animation should be responsible as long as you place it on a responsive parent container. So give dimension to your div blocks, in percentages or vw and vh, and then make your Lottie animation expand 100% for width and height. I hope this helps.

Thanks, that was very helpful :slight_smile:

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