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Resource: How to convince clients they don't need WordPress and how Webflow is superior

My agency Represent turns down every project that requires WordPress, for many reasons. We include a long list of arguments about why not to use WordPress in our quotes, and normally suggest Webflow for all small business websites.

I decided to write a long-form blog post about the transition from code to no-code, using WordPress and Webflow as examples. It is packed with argument against WordPress and for Webflow, that you might find useful when selling Webflow to clients and “unselling” WordPress.

Hope you find it helpful :slight_smile:

PS: I realize that I’m painting a somewhat black-and-white picture in that post. If you really look for it though, you’ll find that I also mention that Wordpress still can be the right choice for a small business website :wink:


Good article @represent, I will definitely use it next time a client asks me a wordpress vs Webflow question.


Awesome Pablo! Thanks :slight_smile:

@represent Thank you for sharing your post. I’m working on a site where I have some WordPress tutorials and trying to figure out how to talk about the switch from WP to Webflow. Once I put it together, I plan to link to your article as you covered so much ground.

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Very nice. Thank you for sharing!


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Cool! I’m glad to hear it was helpful. Thanks :slight_smile:

Excellent read, most of the points are known to long time Webflow users but you have them all laid out conveniently in one single place which is great!

I hope to see new WF designers referring to your article very often!

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Thanks for this information. It useful

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